Troy Cox  The Why of Yoga. 'Y' everybody is doing yoga.

"My aim is that this book is a dialog and expert guide through the best and worst of yoga.  Many lives have been transformed and changed in their desire to achieve something great through yoga.  In our modern day rural and urban explosion of the popularity of yoga it has become quite a phenomenon in our modern culture today.  Many would like to travel the landscape of the yoga world but are confused and need a chaperone.  Experience speaks volumes and this private tour that you are embarking on is filled with personal accounts of others that have braved the journey before you.  The reader can decide to be either an observer or a participant on this mission.  We will visit places of deep meaning and lands of new pop terrain."- Troy Cox

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Shanti Troy Cox  (Meditator 20+ Years- Yoga Instructor 12+ Years)
A juggernaut tour guide through the best and worst of yoga.
Yoga Poses
This first person perspective trek of student and teacher

serves as a guided journey through the basics of yoga.
The Y? of Yoga.  Why is yoga popular?
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Do you have a strong desire to achieve a better understanding of why yoga is so popular?  There is so much Yoga and so many styles, how does one navigate the maze of options and find the right Yoga or teacher?  Avoid the pitfalls of modern Yoga through this tour guidebook with the help of an experienced teacher’s personal journey, insight and the stories of people like you who are curious about yoga
“Yoga is popular.  What is popular is NOT Yoga.”-Yogi Amrit Desai

Why do yoga in the words of students

  “The classes are spiritually restorative”.  Loraine W.

“I like Troy’s classes 'true yoga' and not some calisthenics gym type work out. I love the practice of yoga as body, mind, and spirit. The body mind connecting practices I find allow the spirit to rise up.” -Bob B.

“When you check in for class and talk to Troy you can see his passion for what he does.  He wants to help guide you on your journey with yoga.”   Elvira V.

“Great location, friendly people, awesome teachers.  The warm and welcome atmosphere. Wide variety of lessons to choose from.  Many thanks to Troy.”       

Jeny V.

“Troy is a true Yogi and an excellent instructor, No pretense here.”  Dina K.

“His technical cues are perfectly matched to the essence of each movement & the closing thoughts are beautifully spoken.”   Donna C.

“Troy's classes are wonderful.  I love that I can pick a restorative session or a more challenging one depending on how I'm feeling on a particular day to pursue my love of yoga!”   Allison B.

The Why of Yoga Book

  • 4 Years of interviews
  • Teachers, students and studio owners
  • ​Why do yoga?