$2,250 Registered-Yoga-Alliance 200 Hour Private Teacher Training Course

Get certified at your own time schedule.  Meet privately or semi-privately when your life allows.  Learn the authentic way, one on one.  Take the training at your own pace.  Free from the pressure of a group you can train when your life lets you and take as look as you would like.  Call and ask about private teacher training for your schedule.
Imagine designing the Certified Yoga Instructor training you want about the subjects you will benefit the most from in a unique one of a kind training between the master teacher and yourself directly.
Find your authentic voice and specialty as a teacher rather than getting lost in a crowd and sounding like everyone else.  This is the way Yoga was meant to be learned and learn to teach others this way.  Fully certified and includes coaching on how to create your own work as a Yoga teacher.
200-Hour Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, 100 Hour Meditation training and continuing education available.  With room and board, Troy can travel to your city and state or work with you via Skype or Facetime conference calls.  In the traditions of Kripalavanandaji and other ancient voices we combine Raja Yoga and Hatha traditions with the more popular Western Hatha and Vinyasa Flow styles.

• Discover your hidden skill as a teacher with the proper use of verbiage and inclusiveness to teach warrior postures, Sun Salutations, spinal strengthening postures, balancing, hip openers, spinal twists, shoulder stands, core strengthening, inversions and more
• Learn to teach proper alignment in classes with an experienced professional and master of body awareness
• Find and develop your own ‘voice’ and talents using Troy’s approach to creating a unique journey
• Learn ancient skills from the Amrit Method of Meditation in Motion with your best voice, creativity, and skillful effectiveness
• Learn how to guide students in and out of deeper levels of yoga with Troy’s three major actions to utilize in any posture
• Learn how to clearly see and assess the press points and energetic extension of a posture
• Learn how to open blocks in a student’s energy flow
• Learn how to use healing touches to guide a student’s body to deeper experiences in postures
• Reconnect with your true inner self and break down self-inflicted barriers to your fullest potential

Scheduled to your time table according to your needs-this is a one on one training, not a group training.  The average time to completion is 25 days.
(Subject to change)
$2250 +$75.00 Materials fee; .  (Troy can also travel to your city/ state when room/ board are provided.)



Online Yoga Instructor Certification $69.99

Online Yoga Trainer Course can lead you to your goal of becoming a certified Yoga Instructor, deepening your understanding of yoga and how to work as a teacher.  This Online Certification will show you how to work in this growing multi-billion dollar industry that is growing every day and needing new teachers. 

  • Dive into an immersive course with online instructional videos explaining simple to complex yoga postures.
  • Easy to understand for beginners to the already skilled guidelines to safely guiding others into the many facets of yoga.
  • A posture series for everyone taught in 4 modules:
  1. Integration, relaxation, breathing, centering.
  2. Warm up series of postures and stretches.
  3. Balancing series postures for improved coordination.
  4. Spinal Flex series of postures to move and improve the spine.
  5. Relaxation series of postures to relax and calm the nervous system.
  6. Introduction to stress reduction techniques anyone can learn.
  • History and types of yoga
  • Utilizing the voice to lead with confidence and improve your self-image.
  • The business of yoga, how to work in the profession of fitness.
  • Basics of anatomy and movement.

Weekend Intensive Teacher Training Course YA CEC's 

 $69.99     Yoga-Instructor- Online Certification Course

Work slowly toward your 200 Hours or use this to begin teaching.  

Prerequisites  None

Continuing Education Credits- 16 Yoga Alliance CEUs

Duration  Two-day intensive (8am–6pm; times may vary)  Email to set up this training at your favorite location, studio or gym or take it privately.  safeyogaschool@gmail.com 

Tuition & Fees  Regular:$459.00