A how to manual for anyone interested in learning detailed instruction on postures, breathing, meditation and history of yoga.

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Four years of interviews of why everyone is doing yoga. Reasons to do yoga and why not to.

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Healing Power of Yoga Unlocked

Healing has been reported as a result of the yoga practice for as long as it has been recorded.  The health benefits of yoga are on more than a physical level.  It has and will change the course of peoples lives.  


"Helping others has been my lifelong passion. It came to me once in a deep meditation with my guru. I was born into this world to spread light and love to everyone I meet and everywhere I go. Sometimes it is challenging. The dark is very powerful and works on fear. Sometimes one has to be a warrior of light and that is why we learn warrior postures. Postures that take a warrior like focus and resolve within ourselves to stay steadfast and true even in the most challenging of situations, or postures. Postures like headstand, handstand, arm balancing even the splits take a dedication to ones intention, sankalpa and a certain inner calm. Students kept asking me how yoga was healing them. How they could sleep better at night, how they were more patient and calm. They wanted to know how come their marriage had improved, why they lost weight or spontaneously gave up alcohol just from doing yoga class with me. As a new teacher who was mainly just focused on the physical benefits of yoga and how one day I was going to touch my toes then the healing and energetic properties of yoga. I had already meditated under the guidance of Diane L. Ross for a decade before finding yoga in the posture sense. Ram Dass recordings and Diane's meditations where my gateway to the beyond. So when my yoga students began asking these questions I was determined to find out if there was more to yoga than postures. I started reading some of the yogic texts like the Gita and began to seek out a teacher from India. I took all the top American yoga teachers at the time. Flew to yoga conferences in N.Y. and took from all the names I could find online back in the early 2000's. No one was teaching anything that spoke to the healing properties of yoga. You could learn either seated meditations or postures but nothing combined the two. Then through a fate of events (another story for another time if your interested) I wound up in the company of the Kripalu lineage of teachers from India. And finally it was revealed. The way to merge meditation and postures into a healing and meditative flow. The secret of how postures heal was revealed and is being revealed at the Amrit Yoga Institute. As life is want to do, there was a real human story involved with the teacher I found. A real, authentic story of how life can be complicated, dark and troublesome. And how yoga can heal and bring communities back together again. I brought this knowledge into my teachings and teacher training programs. Now I bring it to you in the form of these two books. Please enjoy and find answers. Let me know of your experience when you read them too. Namaste."

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