Troy interviewed teachers and students and teachers for four years to discover why everyone is doing yoga. Discover all the reasons in this tour through yoga. Former studio owner, yoga school owner and teacher Troy Cox shares all the reasons why to do, or not do yoga? Discover why so many others are in their own words.There is so much Yoga and so many styles, how does one navigate the maze of options and find the right Yoga or teacher? Avoid the pitfalls of modern Yoga through this guidebook with the help of an experienced teacher’s insight and the stories of people like you who have found results in this Yoga expose.“Yoga is popular. What is popular is NOT Yoga.”-Yogi Amrit Desai". Through his devotion to the path of love, he has shared in this book his concerns for all those who have an interest in yoga. Whether you are a student or a teacher, this book is a must read! This is a rare insight into the world of commercial and private-practice yoga. This is an important book. I urge anyone who has ever thought about taking a yoga class to read every word Troy has written. His authenticity and knowledge of this vast subject combine to bring the reader into an understanding of this ancient art that is extremely valuable."-Diane Ross 'Meditation for Miracles'Newly updated with added photos and information. Also look for the Safe Yoga School Manual for those that want to deepen their yoga practice, start for the first time or teach others yoga.

'The Why of Yoga'

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