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Welcome to Your Next Chapter


First, I'm proud of you first pursuing your dreams and goals but most of all seeking knowledge and how to help other’s, safely.  Safe Yoga School is based on three principles. Intention, alignment and safety. I have developed the total engagement concept to help you and our students engage their entire physical, mental and higher awareness systems while practicing these disciplines called yoga. My goal is to illuminate the light within others and guide them into health and wellness safely. Leading others into health and wellness safely since 2004, I hope to help you achieve all of your goals and dreams.

Please complete the questions in this welcome package and return them with your answers to me in an email or messenger along with any additional questions you may have.


Troy Cox


In his Guidance to Asana Students, Babuji  (Swami Kripalu) writes: "Asanas benefit men and women, young and old, sick and health equally. Practice under the strict guidance of an expert in a pure and peaceful environment.

Avoid straining the body through over-enthusiastic practices. Stop as soon as you feel tired.”

Sarvetra sukhinah santu sarve santu niramayah,  Sarve bhadrani pasyantu ma kascid duhkhamapnayat


May everyone be happy; 

May everyone be healthy; 

May everyone be prosperous;  May no one be unhappy.

Om santih, santih, santih!

Om, peace, peace, peace!

Your beloved, 



Message from Troy:

            Yoga is a journey. We've all heard this before, but it’s true. As a type A, ego-based, entertainment personality, I never dreamed this would be my life.

            I am proud of you for making this commitment to be here now. You are standing on the precipice of your life. I have found the greatest rewards through the humility, service, and devotion of sharing yoga with others. Giving is truly the greatest reward.

            I make the commitment in this training to challenge you, push you to new heights of knowledge, understanding, and to walk beside you on your path of transformation. Thank you for allowing me to share what I have learned.

Yoga is also a science.  Results (life changes) are replicated in a controlled environment (class room) on a variety of test subjects (students) over thousands of years.  When structured in a specific formula (Breath, Body, Mind, Movement, Union, Awareness) results are irrefutable.  Yoga in not magical, mystical, nor does it require a leap of faith.  The proof is in the results achieved by discipline, repetition and dedication.  May your dedication be a guiding light for those who are in the experiment called Yoga.


Jai Bhagwan –


Victory to Your Divine.  Troy Cox 


About Safe Yoga Teacher Training


 Learn the Safe Yoga Method. 

Proper anatomical alignment and intention of the teacher to safely guide others into health.

  • Fully certified

  • Established 2011 200 & 300 Hour programs 

  • 100 CEC programs

  • Private and group trainings

  • Sliding Payments fits your budget.  Payments available

  • Learn three yoga class formats.

  • Learn history of yoga and how to use it in your classes.

  • Learn energy centers and internal muscle engagement techniques to empower your practice.

  • Learn the total engagement concept utilizing the entire mind body and consciousness connection.

  • Taylor the training to fit your specific needs and wants.




The mission of Safe Yoga is to safely illuminate the path of the student’s life with the light of Yoga, allowing the student to shine their brightest while building a sense of union with a community of locals. We aim to make a positive difference in the lives of our students so they can reach their highest potential through encouragement, challenging experiences, and support.

We are committed teachers that create relationships and safe yet deep experiences for the enrichment of their students’ lives.  We have a created a family of teachers who are knowledgeable and studied in Yogic arts and health, certified and continuing their education, caring and open to achieving excellence for themselves and safely guiding their students through life transforming experiences in each class.

At Safe Yoga, we are dedicated to being the 'safest' Yoga teachers.  The Sun is a powerful metaphor for Yoga and the challenges we find on the mat.  The sun expresses its self in many rays of sun, yet, under it all, the sun is one. Just as we appear in many different forms and personalities on this planet and every day on our mat, yet underneath we are all one. 



About Troy  

 Master Teacher Troy Cox- 500 Hour E-RYT Yoga Alliance Instructor is the creator of the

Total Engagement Concept™ system and The Safe Yoga Teacher Training program.  Troy began his meditation studies with Diane Ross in 1995 became a certified personal trainer obtaining three certifications in personal training (2002.) He has taken classes directly from master Yogis such as Bikram, Saul David Ray, Shiva Rae, Sean Corn, received mantra initiation from the living saint Amma and is a Master Amrit Yoga Teacher Training completing four years Yogi Amrit Desai training in 2011. Owner of Safe Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hour Registered Yoga Alliance Yoga School, he is certified Level Three Yoga Fit (2004), Three Core Power certificates (2006) Two Amrit Institute Yoga Teacher certifications and Amrit Yoga Nidra Meditation Certified (2008,9,11).  His method is safety

first yoga taught first from the safest perspective. His system combines the deeper understandings of Yoga philosophy with Personal Training exercise techniques and Yogic postures, martial arts concepts and Yoga Nidra therapy.  Total Engagement Concept™, investigates how we relate to the outer world from the inner and our connectedness to all living things.  Through his safe guidance we learn how to allow a divine unity to manifest at last completing who we really are as a whole, totally engaged being, alert and aware in each moment.   As an experience, Total Engagement Concept™  is a series of complex and challenging powerful movements and postures that flow and periodically stop to reflect with safe cueing techniques, mentally guided experiences, deep meditative philosophy and Yogic concepts.  It is a unique system expanding on Amrit Desi’s Meditation in Motion. 




Information for Yoga Teacher Certification Training and In-Depth Study


“Congratulations on your decision to serve others by offering Yoga.  I am proud of you for following your calling and entering this stage of the path of your life.  I wish you success, light, transformation, and love so that you can carry that to your future students.  You are light, you are love and the more you give, the gifts you receive are innumerable.  Congratulations and welcome to Sun Salute Yoga’s Authentic Teacher Training.” - Troy


Books/Manual/Materials:   You are responsible for purchasing your own books. Cost of books varies from $5-$20 per book.  You can purchase books online or at the local bookstores (,, Barnes & Noble or Borders.) Feel free to bring a journal, if you like to keep a journal for the program.  Please bring a 2 inch 3-ring binder to classes to hold all your notes and materials.

Additional copies of the manual is available for a $25 fee for a hard copy.


Books: Reading Recommendations (not required).  

Teaching Yoga – Donna Farhi (optional) 

Amrit Yoga: Explore, Expand, and Experience the Spiritual Depth of Yoga – Yogi Amrit Desai *Required Texts:  

  1. Light On Yoga by B. K. S. Iyengar (Author) Yehudi Menuhin (Foreword)Light on Yoga: The Bible of Modern Yoga

  2. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: Commentary on the Raja Yoga Sutras by Sri Swami Satchidananda

  3. The Key Poses of Yoga: Scientific Keys, Volume II by Ray Long





First Homework Assignment before beginning training:


  1. How long have you practiced yoga?


  1. How many days per week do you practice yoga?



  1. List Yoga history, experience, styles practiced and previous training: 


  1. Do you practice meditation and/or pranayama?


  1. Do you have any related teaching or training experience? Please describe:


  1. In your opinion, what qualities embody a good yoga teacher? Why?


  1. Why do want to take Teacher Training with Sun Salute Yoga?


  1. Think of one skill or talent, not Yoga related that you can teach in 10 minutes or less to another person and prepare a presentation.




200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program

Teacher training Application Form


About you

  • 1. Please tell us a little about you. What are your hobbies, interests, skills, etc?





  • 2. How would you evaluate your current health?  



2 / 4

  • 3. Please let us know if you have any injuries, illness, or medical conditions that may affect your ability to participate in the training program.






About your practice:

(Use a separate page if necessary)

  • 1. How long have you practiced yoga?



  • 2. How many days per week do you practice yoga?



  • 3. List Yoga history, experience, styles practiced and previous training:  




  • 4. Do you practice meditation and/or pranayama?




  • 5. Do you have any related teaching or training experience? Please describe:



  • 6. In your opinion, what qualities embody a good yoga teacher? Why?




  • 7. Why do want to take Teacher Training with Safe Yoga School?



3 / 4

Program Tuition and Policies

The full tuition for the 200-Hour Safe Yoga Teacher Training is $2450 with full payment (saves you $250, credit cards accepted)  before the first day of training and $2650 if payments are needed thereafter. There is a $350 non-refundable deposit (unless training is cancelled by SYS) is required to register.

Tuition and material fee includes:

  • 1. Unlimited Yoga classes for the training length ($330.00 value) with Troy

  • 2. All program modules including Anatomy of Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation and Philosophy courses.

  • 3. Course Manual and Guide

  • 4. Private One on One Coaching from a 500 Hour ERYT Yoga Instructor

  • 5. Graduation Certificate

  • 6. Access to the studio on a prearranged basis.



A $350 non-refundable deposit is required to register; full payment must be received prior to the start of the program unless a payment plan has been established.

Payment Plans:  

Safe Yoga School offers payments plans. Payment plans must be established prior to the start of the program. All payment plans must be set up on a weekly or monthly basis through automated charges to a credit or debit card. A processing fee may apply to payment plans. Contact Troy for more details.  The tuition must be paid in full prior to receiving the  Teacher Training Certificate.  A $25 returned check fee will be assessed for any returned check.

Cancellation Policy:

 Refunds are not available but the remaining balance can be transferred to a future Teacher Training Program.

Safe Yoga School reserves the right to modify this policy without prior notice, at its sole discretion as deemed necessary.


Upon completion of the program, graduates will receive a Safe Yoga Teacher Certificate.   For graduation, each teacher trainee must meet the following conditions:

- Complete all required hours of the training  

- Pass all written and practice exams with a B or higher

- Have all dues paid in full  

- Demonstrate knowledge, ability to practice and ability to teach the asanas covered

- Demonstrate competence in the areas covered in the 200-hr training including teaching ability, class sequence development, professionalism, knowledge of anatomy & physiology for yoga, appropriate adjustments and modifications and a proper attitude.

- Complete all required reading and writing assignments from the Teacher Training manual and supplementary reading.


4 / 4

Commitment and Attendance:  The Sun Salute Yoga Teacher Training Program is designed as an experiential study in the oral tradition of the ancient yogis. It is imperative that you are present for each and every hour of the training if your goal is to become a teacher. Tardiness, absenteeism and early departures need to be prearranged so as to not jeopardize your graduation and certification status. Respect your practice and your study by fully dedicating your time, your energy and your mental focus to the program.

For current rates please see payment options are available. Save $250 by paying tuition in full. Earn $250 by referring of fellow student who completes the payment in full. All rates are negotiable subject to change without notice. Private training can be done remotely anywhere in the world via Zoom or in person. Group trainings are offered once a year in Orlando Florida currently.


POLICIES  (*Must  be  signed  and  returned  upon  enrollment.) Emotions  run  high  in  the  transformational  process  of  Yoga,  therefore  familiarize  yourself with  these  policies.


  1. No  Refunds  No  Exceptions. Credit for other trainings available.

  2. Take  nothing  personal.  Participants  and  visitors  must  refrain  from: Aggressive  behavior  in  any  form,  including  physical  abuse,  verbal  abuse,  threats,  intimidation, harassment,  coercion  and/or  conduct  which  threatens  or  endangers  the  health  or  safety  of  any person. Rude  or  argumentative  behavior  with  staff,  officials,  and  instructors  or  other  participants  or visitors. Disrupting  or  obstructing  any  program,  event  or  class. Lewd,  obscene  or  indecent  conduct  or  expression,  including  profanity, or  offensive  remarks will result in immediate forfeiture of all tuition and fees and an end in the instruction.

  3. Upon  completion  of  the  program,  graduates  will  receive  a  Yoga  Alliance  approved  Yoga  Teacher Certificate.  Each  teacher  trainee  MUST  meet  the  following  conditions:-  Complete  all  required  hours  of  the  training  -  Pass  all  written  and  practice  exams For  graduation,-  Have  all  dues  paid  in  full.  No  Refunds  No  Exceptions-  Demonstrate  knowledge,  ability  to  practice  and  ability  to  teach  the  asanas  covered-  Demonstrate  competence  in  the  areas  covered  in  the  200-hr  according  to  Y.A.  requirements.-  Complete  all  required  reading  and  writing  assignments  from  the  Teacher  Training  manual  and supplementary  reading.




__________________________________________________                  ______________


\*You  agree  to  the  No  Refunds  No  Exceptions.                       Policy Date




Troy Cox

Private Stretching, Yoga, Meditation lessons, Teacher Training,

Eating Coaching and Life Management Coach

500 Hour ERYT Yoga Alliance Yoga Facilitator

Corporate Services Available

(407) 285 8719

Troys book available on Amazon and Kindle:

Troys Web Site

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Troy Cox


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